We will print any quantity from 1 yd to 1,000 yards, or more. Don't hesitate to ask for production printing. We can comfortably manage production schedules of 600 yds per week.

We ship strike-offs (26" x 26" printed fabric samples) within one to two weeks of order. Printed yardage is shipped within three weeks of strike-off approval. Express service is available by request.

We welcome requests to color match sources such as Pantone guides, paint chips, trims, paper proofs, and other fabric swatches. Just send them to us! You can also purchase Adaptive Standard Palettes showing 112 color blocks, or LAB catalogs showing over 3000 color blocks. The blankets give the most accurate representation of color, as they are printed on the ground(s) of your choice.

In most cases, no. Even if the fabric has been discontinued by the manufacturer, the design is most likely still protected by copyright. Ask yourself what attracted you to that fabric in the first place. Creating a similar colorway of one of our stock patterns may suit your needs.

Need help with file preparation for your inspired designs? Adaptive Textiles offers related graphic design services contracted at $75 per hour. Services include file touch-ups, repeat creation and clipping, color work for tonal files, and the development of engineered designs for finished products. Email design@adaptivetextiles.com to discuss your project with a graphic designer.

Files under 10MB can be emailed to design@adaptivetextiles.com, along with printing instructions. Files larger than 10MB can be sent via a file transfer service such as www.wetranfser.com or www.dropbox.com. Send confirmation of file transfer, the file name, and printing instructions to design@adaptivetextiles.com.

Yes. The easiest way to create a custom design is to provide a single motif (clip-art, family crest, logo, child's drawing) to be incorporated into a single repeat. If your inspired design is more involved, please email design@adaptivetextiles.com to discuss your project with a graphic designer.

Our print-on-demand service allows artists and print stylists to build private collections without the hassle and expense of maintaining inventory of each design and color-way. By providing your own labeling and packaging materials, Adaptive Textiles can print yardage and drop-ship directly to your customer.

The pigment inks used in our process are similar to the pigment chemistry used in traditional rotary screen printing. The dimensional stability and hand of the cloth, which is a function of the fiber content and weave, are affected by repeated washing. Some grounds perform better than others. Please inquire.

Our linen and linen blend grounds are the best suited for slipcovers and light upholstery. However, because of the nature of ink-jet printing, our fabrics are not recommended for heavy-use upholstery. The pigment ink does not penetrate as deeply as the wetter process of screen printing. With heavy abrasion, one can wear through the surface design to the fibers below.

None of our grounds are inherently flame-retardant. However, some may be coated after printing. We are happy to ship rolled goods to a finishing plant for coating application.

In most cases, yes. Adaptive Textiles offers an on-site workroom to assist in product development and ongoing production needs.